Celine Grouard is based out of New York City. Available for commissions internationally.

She works as a freelance photographer and for Fast Company as the Senior Associate Photo Editor and staff photographer.



Celine grew up between the Middle East and France, and eventually the United States. She discovered photography at age ten sitting on her bedroom floor in Abu-Dhabi in her first copy of National Geographic. Her imagination ran through the scenes in the article and down the Congo River with its muddy water. And, immediately, her interest in photography germinated.

At Cambridge Rindge and Latin high school, Celine began studying photography with Archy LaSalle. Shooting portraits, learning printing from a master, the science of the chemistry, the brutal critiques— all of it— sparked her interest to develop into a passion. She found ways of spending all of her elective time in the darkroom by becoming a photo tutor and maintaining the darkroom after hours. 

She continued to study and practice photography, first at the San Francisco Art Institute. After taking time to travel and pursue other work opportunities, completed her degree in photography with high distinction in 2010 at the California College of the Arts. 

Before graduating, Celine started working at WIRED as the Assistant Photo Editor. There, she realized her passion for the medium extends throughout the process, from concepting to editing, not just in creating the images herself. Working with talent, executing seemingly impossible ideas, all the details that go into making a magazine were intellectually and creatively stimulating. And, with some encouragement, she began shooting still life. 

Now, at Fast Company, she photographs portraiture, still life, photo essays, stop-motion animations, branded content and events for the brand. And, works commissioning photography as a photo editor.